Cafes & Stores on Honeymoon Island

Cafe Honeymoon, South Beach Pavilion Cafe & Cafe Caladesi


There are two cafes inside Honeymoon Island State Park that feature fresh, casual-style beach fare. Cafe Honeymoon is located directly on the main beach area – signs are posted. The South Beach Pavilion Cafe is located south of the main beach and adjacent to the Pet Beach. A third cafe, Cafe Caladesi, is on Caladesi Island.

In each cafe you’ll find a store that offers an array of gifts, souvenirs, and beach accessories. Looking to relax? You can rent beach chairs and umbrellas from any of the cafe stores, and for the adventurous, ocean kayaks are also available for rent. Planning a special party? Let our South Beach Pavilion cater your event.

We also specialize in island parties, sunset beach weddings and casual get-togethers. Contact Us.


Cafe Honeymoon & Store

Cafe Honeymoon is located directly on the main beach area. Enjoy casual, freshly made burgers, sandwiches and beverages from our cafe menu. If you run out of sunblock, or want a souvenir hat or gift, you’ll find those and other necessary beach supplies in the store. Beach umbrellas, chairs and kayaks can be rented from Cafe Honeymoon.

Cafe Honeymoon Hours

Daily (weather/attendance permitting)

Monday – Sunday

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


South Beach Pavilion Cafe & Store

The South Beach Pavilion Cafe is located south of the main beach and adjacent to the Pet Beach. Our menu is full of delicious beach fare. The cafe also sells a limited supply of gifts and beach necessities. Beach chairs, umbrellas and bikes can be rented from the South Beach Pavilion.

South Beach Pavilion Cafe Hours

(weather/attendance permitting)

Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am to 5 pm


Cafe Caladesi & Store (Caladesi Island)

Located on Caladesi Island, accessible from Honeymoon Island via the Caladesi Island Ferry, this cafe offers the same fresh made beach fare as our Honeymoon Cafe. There is also a gift shop selling hats, t-shirts, souvenirs and beach supplies. Beach chairs, umbrellas and kayaks can also be rented from the Cafe.

Cafe Caladesi Hours

Daily, 10:45 AM to 5:00 PM

Weather/Attendance Permitting